Create a Nativity Scene


Here’s a great alternative to Elf on the Shelf from Emily Shares.   Create (or use what you already have) a nativity scene for this activity. Use whatever materials that you like. Pinterest has a lot of great ideas to choose from. Have fun creating! Beginning with the season of Advent, place Mary and Joseph in different areas of your home, much like you would do with Elf on the Shelf (your call on whether or not you want Mary and Joseph to appear as if they have done silly things.) Be sure that baby Jesus is not in the manger. On Christmas day, place Mary and Joseph in the manger with baby Jesus. At this time, during the Christmas season, you can have the three wise men travel around your home until the Epiphany, when they, too, will join Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in the manger. Thanks Bradley R. for the nativity art!