Create Thankful Leaf Art Website

Love this beautiful leaf art! Gather fall leaves of all shapes and colors. Use permanent markers to write what you are thankful for on the leaves. Use twigs and branches, along with other fabulous finds from nature, to create beautiful fall decor. Thank you Ava, Age 9, Lucy, Age 9, and Charlotte, Age 7 for sharing this fabulous idea.

Create a Thankful Turkey Puppet

Turn paper sacks and construction paper into thankful turkey puppets. Trace your hand to make different colored turkey feathers, writing what you are thankful for on each one. Thank you, Elsa H. What a super fun project!

Create A Turkey Hand Family SM Post

Grab a pencil and some paper and start tracing. Turkey hands are a fun way for each family member to share their creativity (don’t forget the pet’s paws!) Bonus, you get a fun keepsake to display each year. You can even make a new turkey hand each Thanksgiving and display how much little hands have grown. As you hang them up say a prayer of thanks for all of the turkeys in your family. When you tuck them away after Thanksgiving offer blessings for whatever you wish for the upcoming year.