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Written by: JoAnn Rash

We know that for most of us New Year’s resolutions aren’t worth making. They’re promises that we make to ourselves that we never keep. This year, I say throw them out. Intentions? I say toss those too. In fact, toss anything that requires a sentence, punctuation mark or an explanation. This year keep it simple. This year pick just one word.

Wait. What? Just one word? What about all the things that you want to do this year? What about all the things that you want to become? Do those things. Become those things. Set goals, plan, prioritize your day. Do all those things you want to do and become all those things you want to be.

And, while you’re at it, pick a word. Seems a little scary to just pick one word, right? I mean, how do you pick just one? Easy.

Think joy.

What brings you joy? And, I mean you. Not your family. Not your friends. Not, gulp, your coworkers. Make your word personal. This word that you will carry with you throughout the year is about YOU, not anyone else. It’s simple. It’s personal. And, it’s joy.

Make a list. Leave the deep and profound words off it. Don’t even think about adding any word that feels like a “have to.” There should be no sadness attached to your word. No expectations. No explanations. One. Word.

What will you add to your list? Bake. Family. Love. Garden. Craft. Run. Add whatever brings you joy. Once you have some ideas sit with them. Pray on them. Follow your gut. Pick one. And, then do something that involves your word as often as you can. Every day if possible.

Last year my word was walk. I went for a walk virtually every day last year. I walked in the rain. I walked when I didn’t feel like it. I walked because ultimately it brought me joy. The year before that my word was read. Again, I read for pleasure virtually every day. And, the year before that it was people. I made sure to say yes to and create opportunities for people in my life.

Have fun with your word. Have fun with your year. The best part, the word that you choose will not only be with you through the upcoming year but will stay with you for the rest of your life. I will continue to walk. I continue to read often. As, for people, the more the merrier.

This year my word is write. I am excited to write every day, to discover the many ways that this word will take shape in my life, not just this year, but for years to come.

What, my friends, will your word be?

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