Create a Salad That You Will Love to Eat

Written by: JoAnn Rash   The guy that said salad dressing did not make you fat is brilliant. Seriously brilliant. And, if you know who that guy is, please let me know. I read this brilliance online and don’t remember where. This guy deserves so much credit for that statement and if you find him, … Continue reading Create a Salad That You Will Love to Eat

Create your Word

Written by: JoAnn Rash We know that for most of us New Year’s resolutions aren’t worth making. They’re promises that we make to ourselves that we never keep. This year, I say throw them out. Intentions? I say toss those too. In fact, toss anything that requires a sentence, punctuation mark or an explanation. This … Continue reading Create your Word

Create a Longer Table

Photograph courtesy of Marcy Watts' Friendsgiving Feast. Written by: JoAnn Rash About a month ago I got word that a friend of mine was moving back to Montana. I have known this friend since she was about two years old. I was in my mid-twenties when we became neighbors. She would come over to my … Continue reading Create a Longer Table

Create a Family Table

Written by: JoAnn Rash Do you still have a dining room table? What do you do at it? Is it the place where you celebrate holiday meals? Help with homework? Pay bills or fold laundry? If so, then my family is not alone. Years ago, after the birth of our first son, I took a … Continue reading Create a Family Table